Personal Injury Lawyer – Combination in Vedic Astrology

Personal Injury Lawyer - Combination in Vedic AstrologyPersonal Injury Lawyer – Combination in Vedic Astrology.  Astrology. Personal Injury Lawyer is a very renowned and prestigious profession.  You can get a lot of wealth, name, fame and fortune in this profession so if you want to get law education then you will have to take admission in any law college or university after getting the degree of law from the university you can start practice as a lawyer in the court.

Personal Injury Lawyer Description

There are different types of laws; one of them is the Personal Injury Lawyer.  A personal injury lawyer, also known as an accuser, trail or plaintiff lawyer. A personal injury lawyer is a lawyer who provides legal consultancy to those who claim to have been injured, physically or psychologically by the careless or negligent act of the person, company, government agency or any nongovernmental organization.

Personal injury lawyers tend to practice especially in the area of law known as tort law. The main goal of tort law is to make the injured party whole and to discourage others from committing the same offence.

Personal injury lawyers help a complainant receive compensation for their losses, including loss of earnings capacity (due to an inability to work), reasonable medical expenses (both present and expected), pain and suffering, loss of consortium or companionship, emotional distress, legal costs and attorney fees. Personal injury lawyers also work to protect clients from being victimized by insurance companies or any legal system. Planetary combination of Criminal lawyer

The skill of Personal Injury Lawyer

The work proficiency of the person is an important connection for the success of personal injury law and any others field. The defence of the accused party is important in the success of the advocate. If the lawyer saves the accused then he is considered a good lawyer. It is very important for the lawyer to have exploration and research skills. Personal injury lawyers should also have strong creative and analytical thinking. The lawyer has the ability to analyze the law on the basis of its own skills.

Astrology and Personal Injury Lawyer

It is a fact that there are many personal injury lawyers across the world. Always it has been seen that some are very famous personality but some are not despite hard working in this field. So the question is what the main reason behind this.

The Planetary positions in the individual horoscope play a vital role in the consequences of anybody’s success or failure in the practice of personal injury law or judicial services. Astrologer can provide you with proper guidance by the analysis of planetary combination in horoscope/birth chart/zodiac sign. A person will practice as a personal injury lawyer due to the influence of Saturn, Jupiter, Venus and Rahu in 6th and 12th houses in his horoscope. If your birth chart promise that you will get name, fame, wealth and respect through this profession then you should work as a personal injury lawyer.

Responsible House for Personal Injury Lawyer  

The success of a person as a personal injury lawyer depends upon the strong placement and connection of these houses, houses lord and their reciprocal relationship.

First House

The first house denotes physical and mental aptitude and inclination toward personal injury law profession.

Second House

The second house is very important to house for the lawyer profession because this is the house of communication and speech. This trait is very essential for all lawyers because the lawyer needs to influential speech or voice in the time of argument in front of the judge in the court.

Fourth House

The fourth house in the birth chart considers for peoples. The relationship of the 4th house with the 6th and 10th house will give success as a personal injury lawyer.

Sixth House

The sixth house is the house of litigation, contester if the 6th house is strong in the birth chart and also connected with the 10th house then the criminal lawyer will be successful in this field.

Eighth house

The eighth house represents an accident or unexpected situation create by another person so the role of this house is very important.

Ninth House

The ninth house is the house of justice. A good lawyer has the main view to bring truth in front of the world and give justice to innocent. The 9th house is associated with truth, justice and duty. If this house owner is connected with 6th, the 8th and 10th house then the person will practice as a personal injury lawyer.

Tenth House

The tenth house represents careers and profession in every individual horoscope.

The astrologer gives a prediction for the growth of own profession and business on the basis of the 10th house, its lord and planets placed in the 10th house.

12th House

This house represents jail, prison and isolation from his/her family life.

Planetary combination for success in Personal Injury Lawyers

Jupiter, Mars, Saturn and Rahu are the key planets in the Birth chart for Personal injury lawyer. All these planets are helpful to get achievement and prosperity in law practice.


Jupiter is the Planet of Justice, Knowledge and happiness. A jupiterian person always helps to needful. If Jupiter is in a good position in the birth chart then the argumentation power of the person would be logical.


Mars is the planet of courage and litigation. Mars planets donate quick decision and reaction in all situations. Mars makes courageous, energetic and enthusiastic. It is very necessary to make away in life path.


Saturn donates Justice and deed in astrology.


Mercury is the planet of Intelligence and speech. It gives communication and drafting skill. It’s all are necessary for the law profession.


Rahu is a major contributor to the success of the judicial service. It gives imaginary power to win a case in favour of his clients, as well as act in a diplomatic manner. If Rahu becomes strong in the birth chart and conjoins with Mercury (representative speech) and sixth house (house of litigation) or lord then possibilities to achieve success as a personal injury lawyer.

Personal Injury Lawyer combination in Vedic Astrology

In order to become a personal injury lawyer and achieve success in it, the following planetary combination should be present in your birth chart.

  1. If 6th and 9th lord is placed in 4th house or the quadrant in the same zodiac sign then the person gets name fame as a personal injury lawyer.
  2. If the 8th house lord placed in the 10th house and also conjoin or aspect to a 9th lord or 6th lord then the person will work as a personal injury lawyer.
  3. If the 10th lord is placed in the 6th house as an exalted, own house or friendly sign.
  4. If the 6th lord is in the 10th house and 2nd or 8th house lord aspect or placed together then the person will succeed in the lawyer profession.
  5. If the Jupiter and Saturn together in D1, D9, and D10 or aspect to each other and anyhow connected with the 6th house then the person will get name fame and success in Personal injury lawyer profession.
  6. If the 6th and 8th lord placed in the Kendra and connected with 4th or 10th house then the person become a good personal injury lawyer.
  7. If Mars is exalted in the 10th house and connected with 6th, 8th, 9th, 12th or 2nd house, then a person can become a successful lawyer.
  8. If two or more malefic planets placed in the quadrant and anyhow connected with 6th 8th and 12th house then the native will successful lawyer Profession.
  9. If the 6th lord is exalted in the 10th house and also aspect on the 6th house then such native get success in this profession.
  10.  If the 6th house lord in the 4th house and 8th lord is in the 10th house the person will do practice as a lawyer.

Personal Injury Lawyer Birth Chart 

Personal Injury Lawyer - Combination in Vedic Astrology

He is a very famous personal injury lawyer who began his career as a lawyer and came to occupy the highest position in the judicial profession. Following planetary combination is available in this birth chart.

  1. Ascendant lord Moon is placed in the Second house ( House of speech) with Ketu planet.
  2. 6th lord Jupiter placed in fourth house aspect to 8th house, 8th house lord and the tenth house also it is very good personal injury lawyer combination in the birth chart.
  3. 6th lord and 8th lord are in the quadrant and aspect each other.
  4. 6th lord also aspect of the 12th house.
  5. 12th lord and 2nd lord placed in 5th house.
  6. 10th lord Mars placed in 3rd house and aspect to 6th and 10th house.

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