Musical Talent in Astrology

 Musical Talent in AstrologyMusical Talent in Astrology. Musical Talent in Astrology. Singing is a God gift for a human being, I think everybody love singing and every person sing-song but someone on stage and someone in the bathroom. Ancient Vedic scholar says — Sahitya Sangeet kalavihin Sakshat pashu punch vishanhiinah . The person who has no knowledge of Music, literature, and art are looking like an animal. The person who sings a song they never feel alone. Now the question is that there are so many singers in the world but not all are famous.      

I think it is impossible to become a famous and reputed singer unless and until there is a talent of such affair in the singer concerned.  The main concern is whether musical talent with name and fame are present in life or not. Astrology and astrologer are able to answer this concern on the analysis of the native birth chart.

Astrological Combination for musical/Singing Talent 

 Planets which is the significator of  Musical/singing talent

Moon:  Moon represents mind, emotions and deep feeling for everything.  Moon is the planet for musical talent as we see Moon changing its shape on daily basis like full and half moon, the same thing becomes fluctuation in the rhythm while any singer singing the song so it is most important planets for singer yoga. 

Venus: Venus represents Media, Music, Musical instruments, dancing, singing and magnetic things. Venus should be connected with Mercury, Moon and 2nd house or its lord are good combinations for a singing career.

Mercury:  Mercury rules communication.  Mercury’s connection with Venus or 2nd house is a good indication of Musical talents.

Houses which represents singing or Musical talent 

First House: First house means the person himself so it is the key house for everything because the all performance has been done by the native. 

Second house: Second house represent voice and speech ability. How sweet or your voice is only depends on the power of the 2nd house, its lord, and planet which is placed or influencing the second house.

Third House:  This is the House of labour. It represents a small performance. 

Fifth House:  This is the house of production so this house represents film industries.

Tenth House: 10th house indicates success, name, fame, and reputation of the native.

Eleventh House:  11th house give Success and fulfilment of desire

Astrological Combinations for a good Musical/ Singing Talents

  1. The 2nd house represents speech, if ascendant lord and 2nd house or lord is benefice, exalted and placed together and aspects by benefic planets the native will be a great singer.
  2. The third house is the 2nd from the 2nd house so it is also an important house, this house indicates the quality of voice. If benefic planets placed in the 3rd house and related with ascendant and 10th lords the person get singing skills.
  3. If the 2nd house and lord forming the connection with Singing significator Venus & Mercury and 3rd, 5th, 10th and 11th House and it lord then the native could make their Career in Singing.
  4. Moon with Trikona or quadrant (1st, 4th, 5th,7th,  9th and 10th house) blesses the native with artistic talent.
  5.  If  2nd and 12th house Lord placed together and anyone planet aspect 12th or 2nd house the person become a singer. 
  6. If benefic planet/s placed in the 2nd house, Venus placed in the 3rd house and 3rd lord as a benefic planet placed in 4rth house indicates a successful singer who will get a name and fame with his singing talent.
  7. If the 2nd house, its lord is strong and Venus is related to 10th house, indicates singing profession.
  8. Those who are familiar singers should be strong Moon and Venus either in the ascendant, 2nd, 5th and 10th house, own house, exaltation etc, otherwise, they cannot become a  famous singer like their father or mother at all.
  9.  If the 1st, 2nd and 11th house and its lords are connected with each other than the native will be a famous singer.
  10. The Taurus sign indicates natural inclination for singing so if the native is Taurus Ascendant or sign and 2nd, 5th, and 10th and 11th house or its lords are connected with each other the person could be a good singer.
  11. If a person born as a Virgo ascendant and Mercury is placed in owns sign/ ascendant; Venus is placed in 2nd or 9th house, Mars placed in 3rd 8th or 12th house indicates an enormous success in a singing career.
  12. If the native-born as a Cancer ascendant, its lord Moon placed in the own house or exalted, Sun and Mercury combined in 2nd or 3rd house the native become a singer.
  13. If the person born as a Leo ascendant, its lord Sun placed in the own house or exalted and Sun, Mercury and Venus are combined in 1st,2nd, 3ed or 5th house the native become singer.
  14. If the person born as Libra ascendant and Venus placed in ascendant, Jupiter placed in the 10th house with Moon and Mars is in the 4rth house this combination indicates that the native gets name, fame, and wealth from musical talent. 
  15. Above all astrological combination must be seen from Ascendant, Moon and  Sun  Lagna as well as the divisional charts like D-9 and D-10 is also seen.

Musical Talent in Astrology

Lata Mangeshkar Birth Chart 

Name: Lata Mangeshkar
Date of Birth:  September 28, 1929, 
Time of Birth: 23:51:00
Place of Birth: Indore Madhya Pradesh 

Musical Talent in Astrology

Above Birth Chart who is world famous singer Lata Mangeshkar.  I think every Indian is a great fan of her melodious Voice.  It is Gemini  Ascendant and its lord Mercury which is placed in the 4th house with 3rd Lord and aspect 10th house.

11th lord (house of desire) Mars sitting in the 5th house and aspect 11th and the 12th house where 10th lord Jupiter is sitting it means 5th, 10, 11th, and 12th house and Lord are connected with each other due to this combination Lata Ji become a world-famous singer.

2nd Lord Moon placed in the 2nd house it is good singer combination. 

From Moon chart

Musical Talent in Astrology

Ascendant lord Moon in own house, 2nd lord in 3rd house with the 3rd lord, 11th lord Venus placed in 2nd house( house of voice)   so it is a clear indication that all concerning houses and its lord are connected with each other.

Musical Talent in Astrology

Asha Bhosale Birth Chart 

Name: Asha Bhosle
Date of Birth: 08, September 1933
Time of Birth: 21:30:00
Place of Birth: Sangali

Musical Talent in Astrology

Above Birth Chart of world-famous playback singer Asha Bhosle.  Asha Bhonsale is also the younger sister of Lata Mangeshkar.  In above horoscope ascendant lord Mars in 7th house and aspect 2nd house.

In this horoscope 2nd Lord Venus sitting in the 6th house with 8th and 12th lord Jupiter which is aspect 2nd and 12th house. 

3rd lord Mercury placed in 5th house with 5th Lord Sun. 

Musical Talent in Astrology

In D 9 chart Ascendant, 2nd lord and Third Lord are placed together in the 2nd house and 5th lord Jupiter aspect on the 2nd house the above D9 chart also indicates musical talent combination. 

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