Insurance Policy Agent and Role of Astrology

Insurance Policy Agent and Role of Astrology. We all know that insurance is a future plan and astrology predicts. Whether a person should take insurance or not, an astrologer can help you. Today we all want to secure our future and take help from the insurance company for this. Insurance helps in both situations before and even after death.

Type of Insurance

  • Medical Insurance
  • Life cover Insurance
  • Accidental Death Insurance
  • Home safety Insurance
  • Vehicle Insurance
  • Disability Insurance
  • Disease Insurance

How Astrology will help to get Insurance

Astrologer can play a role in taking or not taking insurance policy. In fact, whenever an insurance agent contacts a person to take the policy, he asks the agent a number of questions like–

  • How will insurance benefit me?
  • I’m fit and okay, I have no problem with health and wealth.
  • My family will get the benefit of insurance.
  • If I’m healthy then why take insurance.

Astrologer can resolve the issue of insurance with your horoscope. Astrologer can predict on the basis of the period, sub-period and position of planets in the horoscope that you are going to get a serious illness.

For Example:- The person who is Aries ascendant, his ascendant lord Mars placed in 8th house with 6th lord Mercury and the malefic planet Saturn and 12th lord Jupiter aspect. The period lord Mercury and sub-period Jupiter are going on. It is clear that 6th 8th and 12th house and its lord are activating in this horoscope. the effect of above planetary position the native will face with an incurable disease and he should be hospitalized in a particular period. You have to expense a lot of money for medical treatment, so according to my advice, you should take Medical Insurance Policy because it will give you monetary help.

Should Insurance agent know Astrology?

When an insurance agent meets a person for setting the policy, he collects the data of the native-like date of birth, time and place of birth.  If he knows astrology then he can advise on all aspects of the life of all the members of that family.

The astrologer can predict everything like that the time of the birth of his children when he will get married when he faces problem in life path etc.  After analysis, all the facts on the basis of horoscope the agent can suggest you for an Insurance policy.  It is a fact that the analysis report is just a prediction and anticipation of events in advance which will save you and your family from financial or mental troubles in future. It will be very beneficial for both policyholder and agent because one will get financial benefit then others will increase their business.

For example:- suppose that a newly born child in your family and agent cast a horoscope and gift it to the family then the entire family member will be praise with this act. When he will visit next time he may give a proposal for ensuring his life. When the insurance agent comes to your house the next day, he can give advice for insurance. He will also be able to tell when how much money can this child need. So it is clear that if the insurance agent knows astrology then he can give better advice to all the members of that family

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