Inheritance or Ancestral Property Combination in Birth Chart

An inheritance or ancestral property combination in the birth chart. In fact, the basic necessities of life are food, clothing and shelter. Here the house is definitely related to property and when we talk of property it is also related to ancestral property. It is also true that the parents who gave birth to us hence we have got the legal right over the ancestral property.

Now I am talking about ancestral property. In today’s society, disputes between brothers over ancestral property, between uncle and nephew are seen everywhere. There is also bloodshed among themselves to get ancestral property. Though most of us share in proportion to the ancestral property, there are some people who do not do so and start treating the entire property as their own. It is also true that such people are lucky who get the benefit of ancestral property easily.

An inheritance or ancestral property-related question in mind?

Generally, this question arises in the mind of people regarding the ancestral property.

  1. Is there any ancestral property in my birth chart?
  2. If I have an ancestral property in my birth chart, will I get it?
  3. What is the reason for those who did not get a share in the ancestral property?
  4. When will I get the benefit of ancestral property?
  5. Will there be any dispute between the family regarding ancestral property?

The above questions are very common and natural which is come to your mind frequently. There are many instances where the share of ancestral property is illegally deprived and later the legitimate share is obtained by litigation. In this article, I am trying to explain the reasons for whether there is a possibility of getting the share of the ancestral property as per the birth chart.

The eighth house is considered inauspicious in the birth chart, but this house represents inherited wealth. When a person receives wealth from his ancestors like parents, father-in-law, maternal grandparents, etc., it is said to be inherited wealth. In the horoscope, this house is also related to the money or gift received by the person in charity. In other words, the property obtained suddenly without hard work is related to the eighth house.
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An inheritance or Paternal Property Related Houses

1st House

The first house is related to yourself so it is the most important house for all horoscopes because you are a consumer of every event.

4th House

This is the key house for the property, land, home, vehicle and happiness of a family. If the 4th house or its lord is afflicted and connected somehow with the ascendant or its lord then the possibility of the property will arise in the period or sub-period of concerned planets.

8th House

This house indicates Inheritance or ancestral property, the secret or gifted property in the life of any person.

11th House

The 11th house indicates gain of your land, property and all type of fulfilment of desire. For example: If the ascendant lord is in the Eleventh House and anyhow connected with the 4rth or 8th house lord then the person will enjoy the property.

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Astrological yoga in horoscope

There is a lot of planetary yoga available in the horoscope but some yoga is necessary for getting a property and its happiness.

1. Raj yoga

The lord of the Navamsha sign which the Moon occupies resides in a Kendra or Trikona from Lagan or Mercury. The person becomes a commander or ruler.

One of the lords of the 11th, 9th and 2nd houses, is in a Kendra from Moon, while Jupiter is the lord of either the 2nd, 5th or 11th house. The individual becomes a great man or a respected ruler.

2. Dhan yoga

If the lord of the Lagna is having a relationship with the 2nd, or 5th, or 9th or 11th house or house lord by aspect or conjunction then the person will be wealthy.

3. Gajakesari yoga

Jupiter in a Kendra from Moon. The person is illustrious, overpowering, virtuous, wealthy, intelligent, and scholarly, of royal bearing and enjoys lasting fame.

Whether the person will get the property by inheritance or not?

  1. If the lord of the eighth house is in his exalted sign or in his own zodiac or in his own triangle house, then the person receives property by inheritance. Here it is also necessary to see how the lord of the eighth house is situated in the D12 chart.
  2. In the horoscope of any person, the D12 horoscope is related to the parents. If the lord of the eighth house of D1 is in a good position in this D12, then surely one gets wealth by succession. But if the lord of the eighth house is strong in the horoscope and weak in the 12th, then there is a hindrance in taking ancestral property.
  3. The tenth house is related to both karma and father, as well as this house is also the wealth of luck, if the owner of this house is related to the lord of the eighth or eighth house, then the person gets property in inheritance.
  4. If the strong Sun and Moon are forming any kind of relationship with the eighth lord, then there is a strong possibility of getting property through inheritance.
  5. If the lord of the eighth house is situated in the fourth house with the lord of the fifth house.
  6. The 8th lord is placed in the 2nd house with the 9th, 10th or 2nd lord.
  7.  5th and 9th houses lord is together and aspected by the lord of the 8th house.
  8. If the lord of the 9th house or the 9th house is in conjunction or aspected by the Ascendant, one gets the ancestral property.
  9. Lord of the ascendant in the D10 chart is in some way connected with the lord of the eighth or eighth house.
  10. The lord of the ninth house of the D10 chart is in the ascendant or the lord of the ascendant is associated with the eighth house or the lord of that house.
  11. Apart from this, if the eighth house is situated in the 11th house with the lord of the 11th house or is aspected by any auspicious planet like Jupiter and Venus, then the person gets property in inheritance.

Example Horoscope:-

  • DOB: 17/9/1991
  • TOB: 22.26

  1. Now see the above birth chart. He is Taurus ascendant person and ascendant lord Venus is placed in the 3rd house and aspect 9th  house and its lord creates Rajyoga.
  2. 4rth lord sun is placed in the 5th house with the 7th lord creating Rajyoga after getting marriage and child.
  3. Parivartan yoga between 4rth and 8th lord.
  4. 8th lord Jupiter placed with 5th lord in 4rth house.
  5. 2nd lord (wealth) lord is placed in the 4rth house with the 8th ( inheritance property) so the person will get wealth through inheritance property. it is also a fact that the person got a huge property at the age of 27 after the death of their father.
  6. 9th and  10th lord Saturn aspect lagan lord Venus create Rajyoga.

Moon Chart

  1. Jupiter, the lord of the ascendant, has a vision of the Ascendant.
  2. Moon, the lord of the 8th house, is in the Lagan and Jupiter, the lord of the fourth house (property), aspect from the house of fortune.
  3. Jupiter, the lord of the 4th house, is in the 9th house along with the lord of the 10th house.
  4. The lords of the 5th and 9th houses are placed in the 10th house for the formation of Raja Yoga.
  5. The lord of the 8th house is in conjunction with the planet Rahu, due to which the native is facing some problems in getting the property.

D9 Chart

  1. Mars, the lord of the 4th and 9th houses, is sitting in the 11th house along with Jupiter, the lord of the 5th and 8th houses, this is a clear indication that the native will benefit from ancestral property.
  2. The aspect of Mars, the lord of the fourth house, is on the ascendant lord Sun from the 8th house.
  3. Saturn, the lord of the sixth house, is situated in the eighth house, so litigation in ancestral property is also possible.
  4. Apart from this, if the eighth house is in a strong position with auspicious planets in the 11th house or is in a good position with the eighth house, then also property is obtained in succession.

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