Foreign travel and settlement in Vedic Astrology

Foreign travel and settlement in Vedic  Astrology. In that time everyone has at least one dreams to travel foreign land but questions come in mind will I also go if yes than why and which purpose/ reason to go foreign? There are many reasons like for pursuing business, Education, service, permanent settlement, tourism or pilgrimage journey, diplomatic, government assignment, marriage with foreigner, etc. Planetary combination in your horoscope is or only can be find out through analysis of your personnel horoscope only. Your horoscope is able to find out that you can go there or not if yes than which purpose you will go your chart can give indication.

Foreign travel in that time is become very common because there are many foreign companies called MNC have come in India and give opportunity to employing the person. This company give training either in India or abroad after that they post them abroad.

Foreign travel and settlement in Vedic Astrology

Houses for Foreign travel or settlement

As the classical text and commentary mention a few scattered planetary combinations in this respect, tge area need to be looked into to meet the new dimensions. According to Astrology, planetary combinations for travel abroad is studied from 3th,4rth,7th,8th, 9th or 12th houses of the horoscope.12th house signifies foreign house. 3rd house is short traveling house and 12th from 4rth house. 4rth being the house of home in birth place.7th house is house of journey, and foreign settlement. 8th the house of change, 9th is the house of long journey and fate, 10th house of career or profession, 12th house is foreign land house.

Promise and timing of traveling abroad

If the signifies house are connected to each other like 4rth lord (home) and 12th lord (foreign house) with 10th lord (career, profession) it means the native will travel abroad for carrier and permanent settlement there. If 5th, 9th and 12th house are connected each other than native will go abroad for education or lecture. When the main period or sub period of planets owning or occupying these houses or there is connection of Dashas Lord with above said signifying house there may become foreign tours. Even the transit of Saturn, Jupiter and Rah from these houses facilitates foreign tours. Double go-char of Saturn and Jupiter on foreign house will give auspicious result.

Some important parameter for Foreign travel

  1. Malefic affliction on 4rth house and Lord of 4rth house from Lagna chart, Moon chart and Pada Lagna also.
  2. Connection of Rahu and ketu with 4rth house and 4rth Lord from both Lagna.
  3. If 4rth house is afflicted by malefic planet or 4rth Lord is placed in 6th house, 8th house, or 12th house in their horoscope the native will leave his native place to settle foreign land.
  4. Rah and ketu axis is in 12th house from both Lagna.
  5.  Rah / ketu axis is in 12thhouse from Pada Lagna also and connection with 4rth house and lord from pada lagna.
  6. Moon itself placed in Kendra, cancer or Pisces sign, exalted or own house in 8th, 9th or 12th house, or Trikon especially in 9th house foreign travel is sure.
  7. 4rth lord placed in 12th house.
  8. Ketu placed in 12th house of foreign land.
  9. 9th Lord placed in 12th house It means fate from abroad so person will go abroad and living in guru Ashram because 12th house is 4rth from 9th house which is  house of pilgrimage.
  10. Dispositor of Moon must connect with 9th house or 9th Lord, 12th house or 12th Lord.
  11. Movable sign in Kendra and Moon must place there.
  12. Any connection with 5th house or Lord to 12th house or Lord the person will go to foreign country for the purpose of studies. If 10th Lord is also connected with than the native will studies there and do job also.
  13. 7th houses and Lord signifies frequent travel, trades and foreign country also so 7th house or 7th Lord Connection to 9th house or Lord and 12th house or 12th Lord the person will go away from native place.

Now we would illustrate further through horoscope of native who traveled abroad and had residence in foreign countries.

Date of Birth 10-11- 1956,  Time of birth – 23:45,  

Place of birth – Rohtak , State – Haryana

Image of horoscope


The lord of the ninth house (Venus) is the ruling journeys to abroad is placed in the house of foreign and also associated with 11th house, house of desire and financial gain,(profit), the person fulfill their desire through journey to  foreign lands.  4rth house is also afflicted by malefic planet Saturn, here Saturn is the lord of ascendant and 12th lord, 12th lord significator of foreign house lord is 4rth house and 4rth lord is also placed in 12th house it is created PARIVARTAN YOGA.

She work in foreign country and earn money from there.  The lord of the long/abroad journey and resident from 9th house, Venus is conjunct with Saturn lord of ascendant. The native always go to foreign tour with his boss. Moon is placed in the 5th house associated with Ketu. Moon and Venus 9th and 4rth lord are forming close conjunction. Here is very interesting combination In this horoscope is that the 9th lord, is in the 12th house, (house of foreign  land ) from both (ascendant and moon) lagna.

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