Ascendant Rectification a New Technique

Ascendant rectification a new technique.  Ascendant, Lagan or first house is the most important house in every birth chart.  It is rising sign of the horoscope. According to astrological theory, celestial phenomena reflect or determine human activity. Ascendant and ascendant lord are the key of every houses. Ascendant signifies your physical appearance, body, overall health and also shows important clues about the guiding characteristic in your life path.

Astrologer’s faith that the ascendant or Lagan signifies a person’s awakening consciousness, like that the Sun’s appearance on the eastern horizon signifies the dawn of a new day so that you can understand the importance of ascendant and it its lord in horoscope.

There is many system or method used to make lagan or Ascendant in astrology now today I am going too discussed about some different method. You can rectify your birth Ascendant easily. Here provided a chart that indicates value of month and sign and on that base you can rectify you Ascendant.

Ascendant Rectification Chart 

SignValue in Minutes MonthMonth ValueDateValue of Date 
Aries77     to 181January72614
Taurus 182   to 302February 85028
Gemini303   to 434March996312
Cancer435   to 566April1086416
Leo567   to 691May1208520
Virgo692   to 818June1327624
Libra819   to 949 July6  
Scorpio950   to 1083August12627108
Sagittarius  1084 to 1208September25028112
Capricorn1209 to 1319October36629116
Aquarius1320 to 1419 November49130120
Pisces 1420 to 1440December60431124

Value Chart of Date

Date Value481216202428323640444852566064
Date 1718192021222324252627282930310
Date Value 68727680848892961001041081121161201240

Ascendant counting Rule 

  1. First note down  date of  birth then multiply birth day by 4 number.
  2. Add Value of  birth month.
  3. Make birth time into minutes. Supposed your birth time is 6 o` clocks then first you should convert it into minutes as  6×60 = 360. It means total 360 minutes.
  4. If your birth time is afternoon then add 12 after that convert it in minutes. Supposed your birth time is 1:30 pm then you should write 13:30 it means 13 hour 30 minutes. Now you should convert into minutes. 13×60 = 780 minutes,  now add 30 then 780+30= 810 minutes
  1. Now add all calculation.
  2.  Now see in which sign show this number that sign will be your Ascendant.

Example Birth detail 

  1. Date of Birth –   5/ 1/ 1972
  2. Time of Birth –  6:00 am

Calculation chart

  1. Date 5×4. = 20
  2. Value of Month = 726
  3. Birth time in Minutes –   6×60 = 360 minutes
  4. Add all three –  20+726+360 = 1106

Ascendant Rectification a New Technique

Now see where is this number (1106) according to lagna or ascendant Value .  This number is falling between 1084 to 1208.  It means this number (1106) indicate Sagittarius Sign so that you born in Sagittarius Ascendant.

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    1. Hi there. I calculated my birth times and everything just as you said, and my number falls outside of these ranges. My number is 2151. Can you tell me what that would make my ascendant? Thanks!

  1. Hi, thanks for this interesting method, I’d like to know what happens after (pisces) 1440, is there a formula to keep counting, or does it start over?

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